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Frequently Asked Questions.

It’s easy! Customers tap their phones on our cards or table-cards. They’ll be directed straight to your Google/Trustpilot reviews page, where they can leave a 5-star review instantly boosting customer engagement and your review count.

While results may vary, our service has helped businesses collect an average of 10-30 reviews per day, with some receiving even more. The number can be endless. The actual results can depend on the level of customer participation and the size of your customer base.

We had one business that received over 20 reviews in one day with our reviews card!

What types of businesses can benefit from NFC Reviews Cards? Any business wanting customer feedback can benefit. This includes restaurants, hotels, retail stores, online shops, service providers, and more.

You can easily add your Google listing business’ name and address using our Google Business Lookup took when ordering. If not, be sure to include this in your notes at your checkout cart and we will know what business it needs linking to.