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Tap. Collect. Grow

How it works

The convenient, contactless way to capture your customers reviews in seconds.

Your card or tag is pre-installed and ready to go. To get started, simply ask your customer for a review and have them tap their phone on the Reviews Card/Tag. This will trigger an NFC notification.

Tap the NFC notification, and they’ll instantly be taken to the Google or Trustpilot reviews page.

Now, your customer can quickly give a 5-star rating and write a fantastic review and hit the submit button in a matter of seconds.

For iPhone users

Tap your iPhone on the card or tag near the top of the device on the back

For Android users

Unlock your phone and tap the card or tag on the back of the device in the centre.

New Reviews. One Tap Away.

How to order

To place an order, choose the quality of cards/tags you need from our packs. Depending on what type of cards you choose provide us with the correct Google Business Profile details or Trustpilot page link so we can set up your card/tag for your business. Add the product to your cart and complete the checkout process.

Your order will be shipped using our next working day Royal Mail service for free. For same- day dispatch, remember to place your order by 12pm.

Once you receive your cards/tags, simply open the package. You’re now ready to start collect more reviews for your business. To get started, follow the instructions in our “How It Works” guide or see our FAQ section for any questions you may have.

Who we are

We’re Reviews Card.

With countless businesses spread across the UK, we noticed a missing piece: a simple way to get reviews. That’s why we founded Reviews Card and have designed and printed our very own ‘Tap to Review’ NFC review cards. Our aim is straight forward: help businesses effortlessly collect reviews from their valued customers with just a tap – it’s truly that easy.

Manjaros Restaurant
+28 Reviews in 3 days

Trusted by hundreds of local businesses

Frequently Asked Questions.

It’s easy! Customers tap their phones on our cards or table-cards. They’ll be directed straight to your Google/Trustpilot reviews page, where they can leave a 5-star review instantly boosting customer engagement and your review count.

While results may vary, our service has helped businesses collect an average of 10-30 reviews per day, with some receiving even more. The number can be endless. The actual results can depend on the level of customer participation and the size of your customer base.

We had one business that received over 20 reviews in one day with our reviews card!

What types of businesses can benefit from NFC Reviews Cards? Any business wanting customer feedback can benefit. This includes restaurants, hotels, retail stores, online shops, service providers, and more.

You can easily add your Google listing business’ name and address using our Google Business Lookup took when ordering. If not, be sure to include this in your notes at your checkout cart and we will know what business it needs linking to.