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How to Leave A Review Without A Google Account

While Google does make it seem like a Gmail account is required to provide a review, the requirement is simply that the user register their email account with Google beforehand.

By following the simple steps we have put together below, you can get customers to leave reviews for your business without a Google account.

Click write a review

Customers are usually prompted to sign in at this point, which makes them think that they need a Google account. However, it is possible to leave a review without signing in or creating an account.


Step 1

Click on ‘Create account’ Please note, it will state at the top ‘Create your Google Account’ but you will not be creating one!

Step 2

Click on ‘For my personal use’

Step 3

Instead of completing the details, select ‘Use my current email address instead’ (you are able to use any email address, it does not have to be associated with Gmail or any Google account). 

Enter the details here for the current email and set up a password to access Google with the existing email. 


Step 4

Once this has been done. They will send a verification code on the first sign-up to the current email address to ensure it is genuine

And then you will need to verify your mobile number, where you’ll be sent a code.

You then need to add your date of birth and gender. You’re then shown a screen about getting ‘more from your number’ – you can skip this.

Then choose personalisation settings, choose ‘Express personalisation (1 step)’.

Then confirm personalisation settings and cookies. And then Privacy and Terms.

You are then able to select the number of stars and write your review!

You will only have to do this process once – you can then leave reviews for other businesses just by clicking on ‘write a review’.